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Tutorial links.

I got a request from my Facebook of request of most of my tutorials. So here is links to them:

Costume Contest 101: http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/39934.html

Armor: http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/36466.html

Paper Mache: http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/32935.html part 1

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/33262.html part 2

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/33980.html part 3/ paste recepies

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/51980.html Smoothing Styrofoam

Sewing: http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/41776.html Overcasting on your machine.

Bootmaking/Shoe tutorials:  http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/36937.html Making a mock-up using soles of a shoe

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/37281.html making a mock-up using a whole shoe/Shoe painting

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/38184.html Boot cover tutorial

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/7379.html Shoe painting using Kyron Fusion Plastic spray paint

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/28125.html Adding a high Ponytail using a half- wig.

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/34752.html Wig Detangling

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/44893.html Padding a Wig Head.

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/49337.html Applying a full wig for a  ponytail effect.

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/9970.html   Working with Pre- Parted  wig.

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/28820.html Gravity Defying Bangs


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