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Claire Redfeild ( Code Veronica) Vest

Updating my Lj. I am posting a progress of a previous project I did for Seishun Con 2013:  Claire Redfeild Jacket from Resident Evil Code Veronica.clire I learned that shelling out money to get a patch like this cost about 80 bucks or more so this is the cheapest way to make iron patches for characters like Claire. If you are good at Drawing then its easy just paint and go if you are like me and can't then this is a technique that I use.

1. An old 100 % Cotton Denim Jacket

2. Rit Dye in Scarlett Red ( Bottle version)

3. Fabric Paint (Beige, Yellow, Black, and Grey)

4. Tracing Paper

5. Paint Brushes

6 .A large Container ( to use for dyeing)

7. Bleach ( Optional for those who don't have a White Denim Jacket.)

8. Sewing Machine ( or needle and thread if you don't have one)

9. Heat and Bond

10 Muslin or cotton fabric in white.

11. Pencils

12. Seam Ripper

13. Wax tracing paper

Time it took to make: 2 days or less if you skip Step 2

Now you all know that my aesthetics of cosplaying is going Green or doing things on a budget and the cost of most Denim Jackets can go up to 30 t0 100 bucks!! Yikes. A great way to do this jacket on a dime is to just go to a local Thrift store or Yard/Garage Sale and purchase one for about 5 bucks or believe it or not even less. You can do what I did and look in your closet and see if you have a Jacket. If it is White and 100% Cotton then that is great because Cotton Spandex mixture tend to not take dye so always test a small section of your coat. I recommend 100% Cotton because the next step is for those who could not acquire a White Coat.

Step 1: Prep the Jacket by removing the Sleeves with a seam ripper. Finish off the Edges with your sewing machine or whip stich the edges by hand.

( Optional Step) If you have a regular jacket that is really dark then this step is making the jacket White by bleaching it.
phone pics 018

Now this will take a day to do this and know that bleach will destroy cotton if you are not careful. I mix 2 cups of bleach with 2 gallons of water. I set my jacket to soak for under 10 minutes. What you need to do is watch this as it turns because if you leave it for too long it will be a mess once you wash it. It really should not take too long since bleach is quick. Once it look like the photo above rinse it out good by hand and hang it to dry. Next wash it in your washing machine on Cold, the Hand Washing or Delicate Setting with a mild detergent like Woolite and then use Fabric softner. Hang to dry do not place in the Dryer at all. Once you are done this is what it should look like. It is ready for dyeing.

phone pics 017
phone pics 016phone pics 017

phone pics 017
phone pics 016

Step 2 dyeing

phone pics 019Now procede to dye the jacket folowing the rit dye insturctions. Hang to dry and rinse the excess dye out. Then hang to dry again.

Step 3: The Design

.Let me liveThis is Claire's Valkirie design I got off the web. I then made a copy of it for tracing and as a painting color guide.

phone pics 002I can't  draw to save my life. So I used tracing paper to copy the design.

phone pics 004Taking Fabric in white I applied a sheet of heat and bond onto the back of it. Don't  remove the paper backing just yet!!! Now taking your Tracing turn it over and retrace it to get a reverted image ( I forgot to get a reverted image when I had it printed ^-^)

phone pics 005Lay your Wax tracing paper onto the fabric, lay your tracing design over that and then trace it so it shows up onto the fabric like so.

Step 4
Painting the design

1017474_4387702190310_1860889924_nTaking your fabric paint try and copy the design and let it dry. Since this is Code Veronica version the flames were yellow not like the design I printed out.

Step 5: Applying the Design to the Jacket.

988501_4382020248265_1738176011_nI went ahead and painted the lettering onto the Jacket ( made the "M" a little to big) so I can get a better idea on how to center the iron patch I created.


Final step is to carefully take your time and cut out the design, remove the paper backing, and using a press cloth iron on the design onto the jacket and let it cool off. And there you have it Claire Redefeild's Vest. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it becomes helpful to you. The next project will be her Alternative coat from RE 2.


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