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Atlanta Ball Joint Dollfie Convention
I will be hosting panels at the Atlanta Ball Joint Dollfie convenetion this weekend. The panels will be:

Sewing for Begginners 1&2
Research before you sew
Cosplay for Begginers

Luna Noa"s Head Scarf Tutorial
I previously did a Lunar Cosplay this summer and one of the things that kept me from doing this costumes was that darn head scarf. Seriously it  is not drawn in a more realistic way, and as a result I had to find a way to make this. Most scarves have  a triangle fold and you  wrap it onto your head,  but oh nooo this one sits on her head and wraps at the botton. Why!!!!  Anyway I did some research on forums from others who have done Luna and tried it out and it worked. Now I wanna make a tutoiral on this so that way you can see not only how I did this, but you can do it on a budget as well  if there are any design in the futrue like this you will be ready and not bang your head against the wall trying to figure this out like I did. Damn you Working Designs stop torturing cosplayers!!!! Ok my rant is over now lets get started.


1. Fabric: Cotton or Polyester blends ( Depending on what you prefer I used Cotton because I wanted a realistic look for her)

2. Heat and Bond

3. Fabric Paint/Paint Brush

4. Derby hat or any round shape object that will fit your head.

5. Needle and thread to match.

6. Sewing Machine

7. Fry Check ( optional)

8. Elastic

luna Here is an example of how her Scarf looks like.  What we need is a base to work with so I choose to use  a derby and remove the edge of the hat to get the dome part.

better_felt_derby__65963_1350059163_1280_1280You can use this and normaly these go for 5.00 online or more at your local Party supply store.

3842What I used was a plastic one I had from a St. Patricks party that was left over.

Luna Progress2 019 It was'nt as sturdy as this, so if you do use plastic which is way cheaper then you will need to do this technique: Apply quilters batting, Fleece, or something softer under neath it to make it stable.

Once you have done this taking fabric wrap it onto the dome piece and hot glue the edges to cover it.

Luna Progress2 008For the trim I used Bias tape in Extra wide Single Fold and iron it flat. I heat and bonded the trianlge pieces and ironed them on to the trim.

Luna Progress2 009 Satin stich /applique around the triangles to prevent fraying. If you are doing this by hand use fray check.

Luna Progress2 018Luna Progress2 020Taking hot glue or any type that has a stronger bond apply the trim onto the edges and smooth as you go to prevent any bumps. Once you are done it will look like a cap.

Luna Progress2 021 Taking a piece of fabric go ahead and paint the details onto the scarf. This is the Sega CD version so it is more detailed. Let dry and now it time to sew it to the cap.

Luna Progress2 022 I am going to turn this into a hair sock so the ponytail can fit through. I sewed the fabric together, Overcasted the top part,  and hemmed the bottom part making a casing so I can apply elastic. (You can either stich the elastic onto the hem or insert it.)

  Luna Progress2 023Now I have a tube sock. The next step requires some hand sewing.

Luna Progress2 024Carefuly stich the top opening section of the sock onto the back of the cap. Stich on one   side of it because your hair will slid down into this part and come out of the bottom . For fitting purposes you can apply a litttle eslatic to the sides so it is secure.

Luna Progress2 025Once you are done you can start applyig the top designs onto the cap.

1013426_4403219378230_45426173_nThere you have it Luna's Scarf. You can sew combs into the edges, but since I wore a wig it fit snuggly on to my head with out any problems.

SeishunCon_20130629_0174-viI hope this tutorial was informative and helps you on your way to creating this amazing costume. This really great photo was taken by Frame shot my all tme favorite Photographer!!!

Claire Redfeild ( Code Veronica) Vest

Updating my Lj. I am posting a progress of a previous project I did for Seishun Con 2013:  Claire Redfeild Jacket from Resident Evil Code Veronica.clire I learned that shelling out money to get a patch like this cost about 80 bucks or more so this is the cheapest way to make iron patches for characters like Claire. If you are good at Drawing then its easy just paint and go if you are like me and can't then this is a technique that I use.

1. An old 100 % Cotton Denim Jacket

2. Rit Dye in Scarlett Red ( Bottle version)

3. Fabric Paint (Beige, Yellow, Black, and Grey)

4. Tracing Paper

5. Paint Brushes

6 .A large Container ( to use for dyeing)

7. Bleach ( Optional for those who don't have a White Denim Jacket.)

8. Sewing Machine ( or needle and thread if you don't have one)

9. Heat and Bond

10 Muslin or cotton fabric in white.

11. Pencils

12. Seam Ripper

13. Wax tracing paper

Time it took to make: 2 days or less if you skip Step 2

Now you all know that my aesthetics of cosplaying is going Green or doing things on a budget and the cost of most Denim Jackets can go up to 30 t0 100 bucks!! Yikes. A great way to do this jacket on a dime is to just go to a local Thrift store or Yard/Garage Sale and purchase one for about 5 bucks or believe it or not even less. You can do what I did and look in your closet and see if you have a Jacket. If it is White and 100% Cotton then that is great because Cotton Spandex mixture tend to not take dye so always test a small section of your coat. I recommend 100% Cotton because the next step is for those who could not acquire a White Coat.

Step 1: Prep the Jacket by removing the Sleeves with a seam ripper. Finish off the Edges with your sewing machine or whip stich the edges by hand.

( Optional Step) If you have a regular jacket that is really dark then this step is making the jacket White by bleaching it.
phone pics 018

Now this will take a day to do this and know that bleach will destroy cotton if you are not careful. I mix 2 cups of bleach with 2 gallons of water. I set my jacket to soak for under 10 minutes. What you need to do is watch this as it turns because if you leave it for too long it will be a mess once you wash it. It really should not take too long since bleach is quick. Once it look like the photo above rinse it out good by hand and hang it to dry. Next wash it in your washing machine on Cold, the Hand Washing or Delicate Setting with a mild detergent like Woolite and then use Fabric softner. Hang to dry do not place in the Dryer at all. Once you are done this is what it should look like. It is ready for dyeing.

phone pics 017
phone pics 016phone pics 017

phone pics 017
phone pics 016

Dyeing the Vest.Collapse )

phone pics 019Now procede to dye the jacket folowing the rit dye insturctions. Hang to dry and rinse the excess dye out. Then hang to dry again.

Step 3: The Design

.Let me liveThis is Claire's Valkirie design I got off the web. I then made a copy of it for tracing and as a painting color guide.

phone pics 002I can't  draw to save my life. So I used tracing paper to copy the design.

phone pics 004Taking Fabric in white I applied a sheet of heat and bond onto the back of it. Don't  remove the paper backing just yet!!! Now taking your Tracing turn it over and retrace it to get a reverted image ( I forgot to get a reverted image when I had it printed ^-^)

phone pics 005Lay your Wax tracing paper onto the fabric, lay your tracing design over that and then trace it so it shows up onto the fabric like so.

Step 4
Painting the design

1017474_4387702190310_1860889924_nTaking your fabric paint try and copy the design and let it dry. Since this is Code Veronica version the flames were yellow not like the design I printed out.

Step 5: Applying the Design to the Jacket.

988501_4382020248265_1738176011_nI went ahead and painted the lettering onto the Jacket ( made the "M" a little to big) so I can get a better idea on how to center the iron patch I created.


Final step is to carefully take your time and cut out the design, remove the paper backing, and using a press cloth iron on the design onto the jacket and let it cool off. And there you have it Claire Redefeild's Vest. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it becomes helpful to you. The next project will be her Alternative coat from RE 2.

Paper Mache Odangos or Odangoes of Doom Tutorial
Chnu-li Teacher
Hey guys been awhile since I posted here. Ok I wanted to do an Odango tutorial, but there were so many out there I did'nt want to bother. Then I discovered that some Odangos on some characters are ridiculously huge!! Now you can use Styrofoam, however it is pricy if you are doing the over sized ones plus it adds so much weight to your head and thats something we all don't want. I figured paper maache is light weight and a great way to save money since the wig itself is gonna be a bit pricy. Here is an example of one of my favorite characters I constantly cosplay Lynn Minmay: ep8_minmays_birthday_dress

Good lord those are huge and the up to date version of her has them downsized, but still I prefer the old school version.

Ok now you see where this is going so lets get started first lets see the pros and cons of doing this type of Odangos:

Pros: Very cheap and light weight

Cons: Time consuming and a bit messy

Getting StartedCollapse )

Ok here are the supplies im gonning to use. I highly recommend Mod Podge beacuse its quick and easy and seals the newsprint as well.

Picture 002 First dip some strips of newspaper in water and apply it to the ball. This process will allow us to make our mold and the paper mache from sticking to the ball. You can use vasaline, but this is more cleaner.

Picture 003

Cover the entire ball with wet newspaper strips. Do about 2 layers. You don't have to let it dry beacuse once you have it covered its on to the next step.

Picture 006 Dip some strips into the ModPodge until they are evenly coated.

Picture 005 Cover the ball with the modpoged strips. You can use a sponge brush to spread it over the strips if you want. Make sure that you apply it very smoothly so you won't have any lumps!!!

 Picture 009 Let the first layer dry. I gave mine 2 hours or it depends on the tempurature of the room. Once it completly dried I applyed a second layer, let dry, then another. Do this pattern until you have about 5 or 6 layers. It's really up to you how many you want.

Picture 010 Make sure when you are applying the strips to leave a hole where the stopper is. You will see why in the next step which is my favorite part.

Picture 011 ok pull the stopper and let the air out. If the air is being stubborn slightly squeeze on the top part of the ball utill it comes out. Now pull it out of the mold.

Picture 013 See this is why the water strips came in handy!!

Now you can reuse the ball over and over again.

Picture 015By the way this took me about 2 days so yeah its time consuming but not consumming your wallet!!! .

Also if you did'nt use modgpodge then use Varnish to seal in the newsprint very important. Any shine will do from Matte to satin finishes.

Picture 016 Now on to painting. Since Minmay"s classic hairstyle is Black then im going to paint the balls to match the extensions.

Picture 017 ok Round 2 The balls are painted and dried and now its onto making them into Odangos. If you  are'nt familiar with making Odangos then I will show you how, but since these are paper mached the only differece is carving the hole. With styrofoam your carving and craving till you get a hole to not only fit , but to maintain the extra hair as you tuck it into the ball.

Picture 018 Ok mark where you want to carve your hole. I used a coke bottle top as a pattern and drew around it. It up to you how big you want it.

Picture 019 taking a knife or xacto, or any sharp object carefully stab and carve till you have a hole. Please be carefull.

Picture 020 You can stop here or you can continue till you have the entire outline. I kinda stopped because I knew this was enough space for the extensions to fit.

Picture 021 Both are ready.

Picture 024 Take your fiber( extensions) out of the packet. and smooth it out. Don't remove the ruberband yet.

Picture 025 I took a ruberband and taking one of the extensions I put it in the middle this is going to help me measure how long I want it to fit. I recommend doing this because it saves you on extensions and makes a perfect fit.

Picture 026 ok taking hair scciors or you can use regualr cut under neath the side of the rubberband so both pieces will be held together.

Picture 027 Apply hot glue to the inside of the hole. Basicly you are outlining it underneath.

Picture 028 insert the extensions in ruberband side.

Picture 029 Flip over and taking a pencil or anything long press it onto the glue tiue till it dries. Apply more if you have o .

Picture 030 Apply a thin layer of glue onto the side of the ball. Have your hairspray and blowdryer ready!! This may take you 2 hours or less depending on the type of hairdryer you have. I have 3 speed which I have a medium heat setting. Medium setting is like apply high heat to a wig which is a nono, but this is safe since it does'nt scorch the wig.

Picture 031 Taking a a little fiber at a time smooth it onto the glue and apply hairspray. Use blowdryer to dry. I place the dryer directly on to the fiber and made a downward motion. Use low or medium not high.

Picture 033 Apply hot glue at the edge and apply the ends of the fiber to hold it into place.

Picture 034 Coninue this pattern: Hotglue, smooth, Hairspray, blowdry/smooth.
Picture 035 If you runout insert more extensions into the hole and continue till the whole ball is covered. Once it is covered apply more hairspray onto the entire ball and blow dry it to make sure it is smooth and holds its shape.

Picture 036 Apply more glue at the bottom to hold the fiber ends.

218196_3231032874300_783935613_n And voila you have Odangos..of Doom!! As you can see the bottom part can fit your stubbs. So this ends the tutorial I hope you have fun making these and a lot of time on your hands!! It took me about 3 days and saved me about 40.00 so if its worth the wait and your wallet then this is for you.

Theater Internship!!!
So I got the Internship!!! I will plan my schedule however I better start belting out my costumes now before I start working on others. So far I am getting ready for Spooky Hoor convnetion ( I hope I can go but it does'nt hurt to prepare) and then Seishun con. After that Dragoncon. So my con schdule is sorta set, but got to update my Lj more too.

Costumes for Naka-Kon 2012

and an original Lolita for my panel. I got one suitcase packed so Daisy is gonna have to stay..trying my best not to get the urge to bring her..trying sooo hard cuz that would mean another suitcase!!!

Tutorial links.

I got a request from my Facebook of request of most of my tutorials. So here is links to them:

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Bootmaking/Shoe tutorials:  http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/36937.html Making a mock-up using soles of a shoe

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http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/49337.html Applying a full wig for a  ponytail effect.

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/9970.html   Working with Pre- Parted  wig.

http://aleathiaburns.livejournal.com/28820.html Gravity Defying Bangs

Guest apperance.
Will be at Naka-kon 2012 this year as a cosplay guest. Really excited so I am gonna see what to bring. Gotta pack light cuz Im gonna try to bring 2 suitecases...im gonna try.

Tips & Tricks for Resin cast alternatives.

Hey guys its been awhile!!! I got a few request regarding how I made my Princess Peach & Daisy Broochs with out the use of Resin casting gems. I would love to resin cast, but at the time I did'nt have the money to do it.  I was still determine to make my favorite pricesses of the Nintendo world because they were on my dream cosplay list!!! This tutorail will shift from Daisy's brooch to Peach's so that way you can see how both were created.So lets get started shall we.

Supplies & MoreCollapse )Read more...Collapse )

More of the turotial..pics are huuuge!!!!Collapse )
Here is Peach's Brooch ( got the image  off my cell phone camera cuz my regualr camera died once I was done with the piece).

For Daisy's I cut hers flower shape out of styrofaom, sealed it with 6 layers of Modgepodge, Gessed it, painted it, and applied a flat wood piece for backing. I then slipped the plastic piece into it. And viola you have Daiy's. Also you can use craftfoam, styrene, or vinly place mat for the flower part.

ok apart from my badge showing from Dragon con you can see how the brooch came out. I like 3D effects on props.

This one was made using styerne and a placemat glued together. This one I used as a topper for her parosol,but can also work if you are not in the mood do any carving and sealing foam.

PrettyCureMaxHeart28This technique can work for all shapes of ornaments for example the heart shapes for Pretty cure or Sailormoon brooches. Im gonna use Cure Black as an example because I pareviouly worked on this costume.

188Here are the heart shapes and I am using Plaid"s paint in Red ( notice how it looks pink)

192once I let them dry I have my heart shapes.

So there you have it resin casting alternative. I hope this works for you as it worked for me.and it can save you tons of money.

Bonus tips: If you still want smaller gems( for Daisy's and Preaches crown) and you can't afford to resin cast just hit the flora section of Michales, Joanns, Hobby lobby, or the pet shop's aquaruim supplies and get plastic gems.  some are clear & dark and can work wonders plus they are cheap. I even found some the same size for Clamp Cosplay!!! Some sizes are shaped smaller than the others so you will be sorting through them to get the same size.

In this photo I used 2 green gems for her flowers Also to be real thifty the orange ones on the left were from a pair of earrings i bought at theBeauty Supply store so you can find gems anywhere just as long as you are able to find the right shape.Well that's the tutorial I hope it helps you as it helped me...plus saves you money!!!!

Coming soon!!! For now I am currently on facebook so find me. Also a new tutorial will be up so look for it with in the month.


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