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Luna Noa"s Head Scarf Tutorial
I previously did a Lunar Cosplay this summer and one of the things that kept me from doing this costumes was that darn head scarf. Seriously it  is not drawn in a more realistic way, and as a result I had to find a way to make this. Most scarves have  a triangle fold and you  wrap it onto your head,  but oh nooo this one sits on her head and wraps at the botton. Why!!!!  Anyway I did some research on forums from others who have done Luna and tried it out and it worked. Now I wanna make a tutoiral on this so that way you can see not only how I did this, but you can do it on a budget as well  if there are any design in the futrue like this you will be ready and not bang your head against the wall trying to figure this out like I did. Damn you Working Designs stop torturing cosplayers!!!! Ok my rant is over now lets get started.


1. Fabric: Cotton or Polyester blends ( Depending on what you prefer I used Cotton because I wanted a realistic look for her)

2. Heat and Bond

3. Fabric Paint/Paint Brush

4. Derby hat or any round shape object that will fit your head.

5. Needle and thread to match.

6. Sewing Machine

7. Fry Check ( optional)

8. Elastic

luna Here is an example of how her Scarf looks like.  What we need is a base to work with so I choose to use  a derby and remove the edge of the hat to get the dome part.

better_felt_derby__65963_1350059163_1280_1280You can use this and normaly these go for 5.00 online or more at your local Party supply store.

3842What I used was a plastic one I had from a St. Patricks party that was left over.

Luna Progress2 019 It was'nt as sturdy as this, so if you do use plastic which is way cheaper then you will need to do this technique: Apply quilters batting, Fleece, or something softer under neath it to make it stable.

Once you have done this taking fabric wrap it onto the dome piece and hot glue the edges to cover it.

Luna Progress2 008For the trim I used Bias tape in Extra wide Single Fold and iron it flat. I heat and bonded the trianlge pieces and ironed them on to the trim.

Luna Progress2 009 Satin stich /applique around the triangles to prevent fraying. If you are doing this by hand use fray check.

Luna Progress2 018Luna Progress2 020Taking hot glue or any type that has a stronger bond apply the trim onto the edges and smooth as you go to prevent any bumps. Once you are done it will look like a cap.

Luna Progress2 021 Taking a piece of fabric go ahead and paint the details onto the scarf. This is the Sega CD version so it is more detailed. Let dry and now it time to sew it to the cap.

Luna Progress2 022 I am going to turn this into a hair sock so the ponytail can fit through. I sewed the fabric together, Overcasted the top part,  and hemmed the bottom part making a casing so I can apply elastic. (You can either stich the elastic onto the hem or insert it.)

  Luna Progress2 023Now I have a tube sock. The next step requires some hand sewing.

Luna Progress2 024Carefuly stich the top opening section of the sock onto the back of the cap. Stich on one   side of it because your hair will slid down into this part and come out of the bottom . For fitting purposes you can apply a litttle eslatic to the sides so it is secure.

Luna Progress2 025Once you are done you can start applyig the top designs onto the cap.

1013426_4403219378230_45426173_nThere you have it Luna's Scarf. You can sew combs into the edges, but since I wore a wig it fit snuggly on to my head with out any problems.

SeishunCon_20130629_0174-viI hope this tutorial was informative and helps you on your way to creating this amazing costume. This really great photo was taken by Frame shot my all tme favorite Photographer!!!


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