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A tribute to all Mother's!!!!
Dark Goddess Face up
O.k I'm posting this early becasue I have a very busy weekend so I won't be able to post on Sunday so here is my tribute to all Mother's on Mothers Day and also a shout out to my Mother's on my LJ.

Now boys and girls belive it or not there are different types of Mothers. Yes its hard to belive that the title "Mother" has a diffrent meaning so lets take a look at them shall we.....

The baby Mama!!! That's right my favorite baby mama of all time Bulma cuz damn Vegeta's no picnic, but netiher is she.

Next we have "The Queen of Clean & Mean Joan Crawford. "Mommie Dearest" at her best cuz if your room is'nt clean yo ass will be getting up at the crack of dawn, getting yo ass beaten with a wire hanger, cleaning up a bathroom covered in "Old Dutch"cleaning powder and expect to have it clean in an hour while she rants on and on about her dying career...good luck finding her a present you'll need it.

Next we have "Ghost Mom" Tricia Elric who was a sweet woman whose sons loved her so much they brought her back from the grave..only to her try and take them with her...however she makes a mean peach cobbler.

and last, but no least:

Miss "Murder Suicide" Nodoka Saotome whose goal inlife is to see to it that "The family honor" is kept intact..if not everyone dies damn it!!!

And there you have it the mom's ve love and fear!! Have a great on..if your mom is anything like these I have a simple solution...RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Dental Surgery...yaay..I think
Chnu-li Teacher
O.k finally with the money,time, and guts I am gonna get my wisdom teeth pulled...all 4. So little nervous but, I gotta suck it up. Will be out of commission for 2 days so if anyone contacts me text only since I won't be able to talk..my mom's gonna love this. Me being quite and all. Hey I aggrivate her all the time so it's like a break for her.

Momocon plans.
O.k long post busy as always. Gonna do some cosplays for myself ( Have'nt done it in awhile) and then take a break from cosplay and focus on getting another job and going back to school...however gonna continue to commission once I have my slots open again ( around May).Gotta thank Hancock's for there "Cotton Twill Over kill" sale" Also I wanna focus on writing since its another carreer choice and I wanna do childerns books. Love Fairy Tales and I wanna get an artist to work with. Hmmm 10 year plan in the making when Im 40ish I guess. Anyway planned and hopefully planed cosplays:

First crossplay. My freind Wendy will be doing Madea. Hope to run into other Dragon quest cosplayers. Would make a nice photoshoot.


I can use the same wig for Hero and I have the shoes for her. If I have enough fabric left over from making his shirt.

If I have time. Have the fabric though so I can make this if not for another con. Such is life.

Feeling a bit better now.
During the christmas break I visted my Dad in Lillte Rock. Best 2 weeks of my life becasue not only is he a recovering alcholic, but a paster at a church now. Finally got a father now. Seriously he changed and after spending that break with him he gave me some heartfelt advice about life. He admited that he regreted not being there for me mostly. I mean divorce sucks, but he's happy with my stepmom who I love a lot. His change encouraged me to change a bit too. He gave me some life lessons and he found my root of my depression: Im shelterd. Seriously my mom sheltered me too damn much. As a child we never did anything harldy. He found out I never weas brave enough to ride a bike or could'nt roller skate. He was shocked. He said I don;t take risk and he notice I was afraid to ventrue out. He was soo right. So when I left to go back home I felt knida crummy and I did'nt want to leave. I realize that I can change my life and that I have that power to do so.

Propmaking tutorial: Making a Microphone/stand
picMinamy doll

Good morning!!! O.k folks we are gonna learn how to make a microphone for those of you who love to cosplay Singers/Divas/Songtress/etc.

As a rabid Macross/Minmay fan I have been making my microphones this way and I find it easier to hold around at cons for photos and easy to travel with since you can take it apart for travel.

As you can see in the photo a couple of years ago I made a stand and platform of which also broke down for travel. However it had its own suitcase and I was tired of carrying it with me so I had to find a way to make it smaller and more convenient.

I consider this an eco friendly project as well due to the fact that you will be using a cardboard cylinder that you can find anywhere. Love going green. O.k lets get started.


1. Wooden Dowls

I used a meduim sized one, but its up to you what size you want. Try not to use the super thick one though. PVC pipe is optional too.

2. Hot Glue Gun/glue sticks

3. Styrofoam ball 4 or 6 inch ( you can go up to 8 its all up to you)

4. Acrylic paints or spray paint colors of your choice. ( You can even use Rub n' Buff)

5. Knife or anything sharpe that can poke things. 

6. 2 Wood pieces the shape of flower pot. ( The second one is optional)

7. 1 Cardboard Cylinder from either a plastic wrap or Aluminum Foil. ( Paper Towel one is fine however I highly recommend using these since they are thick and sturdy not to mention that they fit the flower pot piece perfectly!!!)

8. Goop Glue (or Gorrila glue or /E-6000 or quick set Epoxy oe wood glue or super glue)

9. 1 Black shoe lace or any color of your choice.  (You can use Cording)

O.k the first set is to hot glue the ball to the top of the cylinder. I applieded a lot or you can use the Goop glue and let it dry. In this tutorial I am using hot glue cuz it dries faster. Later I will use Epoxy glue ( not shown) for the dowl part.

Taking akife or anything sharp poke a hole inthe middle of the cylinder this is where the dowl will go. You can finish the edges with tape if you want. Also not if you want to just want to have a plain microphone then omit this part.

Test and see if the dowl will fit in the hole. If it does then your ready for the next step.

Taking the shoe string stick into the hole of the flower pot and pull it just a little to where you have some of the sting hanging out of the end. If it is hard to pull use pliers.

Tye a knot

Pull it back and make sure it is sung if it comes though then make a doulbe knot. You want it where it won't come out on ya!!!

Turn it over and apply your glue around the inside of the piece.

Stick the other eind of the cylinder into the pot and let dry. Now you have a microphone!!!

Next step is to paint it if you skip the part where you have to poke a hole into the middle.

Also for the other flower pot Piece you can glue that one to the end of your dowl to give it a nice finishing touch if you want and then paint your dowl. Then paint your dowl in the color you want.

Once dry you can asemble your micro phone. As you can see it should be easy to insert in the hole.

The end of the dowl should come up to an angle so that the micophone is standing a little upwards.

And there you have it a microphone fit for a Diva. I hope this tutorial was informative for you and next I will have one on how to make the platform and a tutorial of Wood pieces and there useage!!!!

Commission LJ!!!
I deceided to make an lj for my commision business so that way my customers can see there work separate from my regular lj. Its cute, but I'm slowly getting it done.


Coming soon stuff...and stuff!!!
Chnu-li Teacher
Preview of what's to come; upcoming tutorial and commisson order.

Tekkonkinkreet Black & White:

Microphone Tutorial!!!

Long over due post...and stuff
O.K I'm back and in good health. Just now recovered from the Dragoncon con crud/mother's nature wrath of cramp vengence so yeah I have been though a double whammy. Could not attend AWA this year and I really missed you guys. Finaces/Health/ family gathering was all I did that weekend and I saw some amazing pictures from some of my friends facebook pages. I am in the process of posting a tutorial up soon since I have a bit of free time ( hate being broke, but oh well recession) and processing an order that is due next month. The tutorial will be about making a hand held microphone/stand for those of you who love to cosplay characters who are singers. Its a great way to go green as well and saving some green in other words your money. So stay tuned and I will be hanging low until my body is relived of all this stress. Yeesh.

I ran into Eurobeat King this morning on my way from the Chiropracter!!! Kasumi!!!! Anyway I already saw people with tons of stuff checkinginto the Hyatt and a girl in a very beautiful dress with white tiered ruffled skirt. I'm soo excited and I hope everyone makes it to the con. Also here are some stores I listed in the dawn lokka like community for those of you who need last minute items:

Jin's Wigs
115 Peachtree St SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

( I got my white alicia XXL wig for my Dawn I wore in "08"from them. Also they ahve a $20.00 table full of great wigs!!)

They are open Mon-sat 9:00 am - 6:00pm

Xtra Gold Beauty Supply
40 Forsyth St. N.W
Atlanta, ga. 30349

4 days folks!!!
*Cracks Whip*!!!!!


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